Lego Builder 2


Lego Builder 2
Lego Builder 2

A complete re-build of the Lego Builder tool with several new features. Users can select from multiple models , preview upcoming parts and toggle a ‘garage’ building environment.

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Lego Builder 2


This version of the Lego builder was completely rebuilt in an attempt to create a workable solution for producing interactive Lego instructions. Some key design features are:

1. The source for the Lego components come directly from LDRAW data. unlike the previous version, the different assemblies draw from a library of .w3d Lego component models. A script file specifies the order and materials for each componets. In the long run this would minimize component modelling and make production of the instructions a matter of scripting pre-defined elements.

2. The script file that controls which components make up an assembly also allows for the placement of components as well as other operations. This makes it possible to shift the focus of the assembly to the creation of a sub-assembly, or the ability to swap one model out for another. This feature makes the instructions more versatile and more like the existing 2D instructions.

3. The ‘garage’ feature allows the user to load an external .w3d file as a building environment. This not only makes the instructions more visually interesting but make the creation of sub-assemblies more visually understandable.