Collage Rorschach Meditation Project


Collage Rorschach Meditation Project
Collage Rorschach Meditation Project

Collages so often seem like sleeping Frankenstein monsters, rough constructed gollums waiting for the breath of life to make them real. There is so often a sugguestion of motion that waits unfulfilled; a flex or a blink that will compelete the illusion of assembly.

Once these creations pass the threshold of plausibility, they truly take on a life of their own. Similar to a Rorschach test, the combination of iconographic images are filtered through the personal cosmology of the viewer, as a result the interpreted meaning of the piece becomes highly personal. This doesn’t nescessarily make it relevant, but nothing’s perfect.

The use of music is an attempt to trigger a meditative state. Well known songs are re-instrumented to induce an elevator music trance, helping the mind to begin free associating.

How to use:

The most important thing to remember is patience,. Take your time.

Some of the images are brought to life by moving your mouse over them, in some places you can almost play with the scene.

Some links between pages are fixed, but most are random.

When you have finished with a space, click around on the image to find a link to another space.

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Collage Rorschach Meditation Project


This is a personal project from the late 90′s. Most of these collages are older pieces of work that have been repurposed, as a result they vary greatly in theme and level of refinement.

Also, this is one of the first times I had ever used either HTML or Javascript. As a result it is perhaps not everything I want it to be. There are plans in the works re-create some of these scenes in Shockwave which might allow for even more user maleability.