Tech Support

System Requirements - Hardware

Most of the presentations on this site have been designed not to require any special hardware. However, older systems may experience difficulties displaying some presentations. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Video Cards:

Traditionally, High-end Video Cards have been used to speed up the playback of graphics content. Most of the plugins on this site (with the exception of the Cosmo Player) do not require an expensive video card to run effectively.


Although the download size of many of these applications is very small, once they expand into memory they can require significant system resources. It is recommended that you have at least 64 MB of Ram to run these presentations.

Processor Speed:

For most of these plugins there is a direct relationship between processor speed and performance. Many of the plugins used on this site have been optimized to use the system processor rather than rely on special video hardware. It is recommended that your machine be equipped with a P2 - level processor (preferably a P3) or for Mac users a G3 processor or above.

For specific hardware requirements for any of the plugins used on this site, follow the links below to contact the support group for the plugin in question.

System Requirements - Tech Support

If you need help downloading or installing a plugin, please visit the appropriate plugin page.

Cult3D Plugin
Shockwave Player

Flash Player

Viewpoint Media Player

Cosmo Player

System Requirements - Other software

Some presentations on this site were created with the following software.

NeoBook Software

ColorCode 3-D