Character Configurator Cult3d Worlds


Character Configurator Cult3d Worlds
Character Configurator Cult3d Worlds

Customize your character with this interactive configurator; change team colors, weapons and detailing and then preview your characters attack.

This interactive character configurator is an example of the Cult3D technology’s recently implemented ‘worlds’ feature. This feature allows users to dynamically load and unload content, making it easier to stream large presentations over the net.

Dynamic content loading is a crucial feature inthe development of online configurators. To see an example of a fully scaleable online configurator, check out the Bell Mobility project.>>?

How to use:

Cick on the link below, keep in mind the presentation may take a moment to load.

Once the presentation has started follow the instructions on the page.

If the presentation doesn’t start, you may be experiencing plugin difficulties. For help check our Tech Support Page.>>

Click here to start:

Character Configurator-Cult 3 D Worlds


This demonstration presentation was created at Cycore North America.