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Color Code3d
Color Code3d

Cycore’s Cult3d is the only Web3D software that supports not only scanline0interleaved stereoscopic 3D but also anaglyphic blue-amber stereoscopic 3D using ColorCode 3-D’s patented technology. Wow, that’s a lot of big words.

What this means is that with Cult3D can be volumetric as well as interactive. If you have a set of ColorCode 3-D glasses you can view the stereo effect in this example.

How to use:

Cick on the link below, keep in mind the presentation may take a moment to load.

You will require a ColorCode 3-D viewer to see the stereo effect in this presentation. To order your ColorCode 3-D viewer visit our Tech Support Page.>>

If the presentation doesn’t start, you may be experiencing plugin difficulties. For help check our Tech Support Page.>>

Click here to start:

ColorCode3D - Cult3D


This example file was created at Cycore North America as a demonstration of Discreet’s Plasma web3D authoring tool.