Gap Virtual Store Simulation


Gap Virtual Store Simulation
Gap Virtual Store Simulation

This is one of the first Virtual enviroments I ever created. The approach was conceptually simple, using Lightscape’s render to texture toolset to capture high-quality radiosity textures and re-apply them to optimized geometry. The result is visually stunning compared to the flat-shaded VRML environments of the day. Although conceptually simple, this approach proved to be extremely time consuming.

To further complicate matters, the source radiosity model had to be designed so that the captured textures would be generic. These textures could be seemlessly re-combined to create a completely scalable space. The store could be two bays wide, or ten; the library of scene elements could be recombined into nearly infinite permutations.

Although this approach proved a definite savings in terms of scene resources and scalability, the scene’s lighting ended up being rather bland.

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Virtual Store Presentation


This demonstration was created at Design Vision Inc. for Ittworks! Inc. The VRML model was assembled with the help of Norman Bellisario.