Loft Previsualization


Loft Previsualization
Loft Previsualization

I created these models to help me understand the layout of a loft that I was thinking of moving into. I used two different approaches to create the virtual walkthroughs, hoping to get the most out of each. I ended up not taking this loft, these previsualizations helped me understand how cramped the space was going to be.

Spherical Projection VR

These QuicktimeVR style scenes were actually created using spherical textures projected onto an inside out sphere.

The advantage to this approach is that a lot of information can be ‘cooked’ into the texture; check out the coloured light cast by the stained glass windows above front door area.

Take a look at the example on the right; being able to combine 3D objects with the highly detailed spherical projection definitely makes this approach more versatile than standard Quicktime VR.

The drawback of this approach is that there is no sense of movement to the navigation.

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Loft VR
Loft VR with Object

Real Time 3D VR

This incomplete 3D walkthrough gives more of a sense of movement than the above spherical projection; the amount of time and optimization required to populate the space turned out to be more than I could afford.

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Loft Realtime 3D

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